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What is a Website Assessment?

A Website Assessment is a detailed and objective evaluation of how your website scores in the areas of content, user experience, and lead generation opportunities. An assessment will determine how well your website is serving your business.

Our Website Assessments provide you with insights about any gaps and opportunities 
you have in order to support and grow your business.

We offer three levels of Website Assessments
shown below.

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Our website Assessment Packages

Gain insights into: 
How users navigate your site?
What your content conveys?  Can potential clients take action?



  • Website Assessment
  • 10+ criteria reviewed
  • 30-min consultation
  • Multi-page report
  • Recommendations
  • Best for websites up to 5 pages



  • Website Assessment
  • 20+ criteria reviewed
  • 45-min consultation
  • Multi-page report that includes a comprehensive scorecard
  • Recommendations and next steps
  • Best for websites up to 10 pages



  • Website Assessment
  • 30+ criteria reviewed
  • 60-min consultation
  • Multi-page report that includes a comprehensive scorecard
  • SEO and Analytics assessment
  • Prioritized recommendations and next steps
  • Best for websites up to 20 pages

Why Select Us?

We understand the marketing needs of busy professionals like yourself.

We have been immersed in digital marketing for years and are experts in growing businesses through strategic and tactical planning. We develop soup to nuts marketing programs and content that support unique target audiences.


We truly have the goods. We both teach at respected institutions the strategies and tactics of digital marketing. Combined, we have 25+ years of consulting and hands-on execution for firms in AEC, real estate, financial services, legal services, technology, non-profit, and more.


We’re excited to be your partner, making sure you are taking thoughtful and impactful approaches to your marketing. We take driving success of your business seriously, and we ensure the process of getting there is fun and stress-free.

Our Other Offerings


Project the right image to attract the right audience

Content & SEO

Optimize your content to drive web traffic

Lead Generation

Capture attention to fill your sales funnel


Expert design and development


Andrea and Mary Beth came together to start Marketing Assessments to help fill a need for small businesses looking to grow. Currently, many of our clients see a need to reflect, refocus and renew their website presence and their broader marketing approach. We offer accessible and affordable packages to help you identify areas of improvement based on your goals. 

We are marketers who complement each other with similar but different skillsets, approaches and experience. We work well together and have the same goal – to help you grow your business! You will find us to be down-to-earth, fun, and sincere about helping you achieve the growth you want. 

Andrea Spector

Andrea is a gifted strategic thinker and the owner of Cloud14 Marketing where she focuses on marketing strategy, content creation and website design. She is also the owner of Everyday Marketing People where she provides mentoring and coaching to business professionals who want to get clear on their marketing goals and the tactics that are most beneficial to their business. In addition, she is an Adjunct Professor and Thesis Advisor in Marketing at Northeastern University. She is certified in Pragmatic Marketing, HubSpot and Constant Contact. She holds an MBA from Northeastern University.

Mary Beth Russo

Mary Beth is a marketing strategist and the owner of Partners in Marketing, a network of seasoned, talented, and motivated marketing professionals. Independent but working together they help businesses achieve their desired business growth. She has helped grow companies from startups to large organizations in technology, consumer goods, financial and legal services, higher ed, and non-profit. Energized by making a positive impact on business results, she specializes in planning, content, and analysis. An Instructor of Digital Marketing at General Assembly, her interests lie in helping others use modern marketing strategies to grow their business.

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